The Good, The Bad, and The Danfuzz

Pictures of Dan (and, incidentally, of other people, places, and things as well)

Here are a bunch of pictures of me and some of the people who I've been known to associate with. For a while, all I had was a couple of Paintered photos on my home page, but then, one day, I snapped, and now there is way too much of me on the web. Your categories to choose from are:

To save you the trouble, here are my favorites out of the bunch:

1975, Whatever happened to that cute little kid anyway?!? 1996-Dec-22, I should've been a librarian.
1997-Feb-16, Feeling smarmy. 1997-Mar-09, I actually get along with my brother (most of the time).
1999-Aug-01, Hanging out with an Infidel. 2000-Dec-02, It's not just chimps and gorillas that bond by performing grooming rituals.