Pictures of Dan: Hiptop

These are all pictures taken on my Danger hiptop. Select the images for the full-size versions.

Kristin. January 30, 2004. Two Daves and a Travis. February 9, 2004.
Getting friendly with the ducks in Golden Gate Park. February 14, 2004.
The flamingos at the San Francisco Zoo. February 28, 2004.
Dan, taken by Travis. March 8, 2004. Dan's unabashed dad. April 24, 2004. A self-portrait of Dan. April 25, 2004.
Phone booth next to the Frost Shop in Mariposa CA. May 8, 2004. Still-burning remnants of a controlled burn in Yosemite. May 8, 2004. Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite. May 9, 2004.
First pair of images from a (hopefully) ongoing series: Low-res Stereogram Bathrooms. (Cross your eyes to see the stereogram as such.) This one was taken in one of the bathrooms next to Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite. May 9, 2004. Accidental picture of Dan and Kristin's shadows which looked neat-enough to keep. May 9, 2004.
A blackbird on the sidewalk in Sausalito. May 29, 2004.
Views of San Francisco from Angel Island. June 6, 2004.
The annual Power Tool Drag Races. June 12, 2004.
The open mic at the Hotel Utah featuring the New Telepathic Friends. June 28, 2004.
Second pair of images from the the ongoing series "Low-res Stereogram Bathrooms." (Cross your eyes to see the stereogram as such.) This one was taken in the bathroom at Herbivore on Valencia St. in San Francisco. July 10, 2004.
Dan Mosedale belting out "99 Red Balloons" during the karaoke part of the evening at the DNA Lounge's Christmas (in July) Party. July 14, 2004.
At St. Francis Diner with Kristin and some leftovers. August 8, 2004.
The lighthouse at Pt. Bonita in Marin County. August 22, 2004.
(left-to-right) Aneel with Tinny, Aneel, and Kristin, on the day we helped Val move. August 29, 2004.
Da5id. September 5, 2004. Sign for J. Georgie's Donuts (the sign is missing an "I"), in San Francisco. September 26, 2004.
Rusty's bachelor party at the Golden Gate Railroad museum. October 2, 2004.
At Rusty and Merin's wedding. October 9, 2004. Danfuzz with the crazyeyes, at Atlas. October 10, 2004.
I like dem critters! I don't remember where this was taken. October 27, 2004. Ezekiel at Boogaloos. December 18, 2004. Kristin at the new NYC MOMA. December 22, 2004.