Pictures of Dan: Hiptop

These are all pictures taken on my Danger hiptop. Select the images for the full-size versions.

Danfuzz in a Vampire Hamster Head. September 14, 2005. A Low-Res Bathroom Stereogram. At Rainbow Grocery. December 3, 2005.
My lame attempts at latte art (mostly mochas, actually). Left-to-right: January 13, 2006; March 29, 2006; April 18, 2006; October 27, 2006; May 5, 2007.
My favorite street sign in San Francisco (as a stereogram) along with its similar brother, on Langton Street. January 29, 2006.
At the Detroit Airport. March 15, 2006. Hanging out with Star Wars characters in the Presidio. July 17, 2006. From my hammock on the Big Island in Hawaii. August 12, 2006.
Ducks on the Google main campus in Mountain View. May 1, 2007.