Pictures of Dan: Hiptop

These are all pictures taken on my Danger hiptop. The ones from earlier in the year were taken with the old 120x90 pixel camera, but the later ones were taken with the newer 320x240 camera and may be enlarged by selecting the image.

Danfuzz's uncle Allen, driving to Copper for some fun in the snow. February 7, 2003.
Some flowers Danfuzz got for Kristin, but ended up keeping. These photos were proof of their well-being. February 17, 2003.
Danfuzz was proud of this Scrabble bingo. March 1, 2003.
At night, on an alley in SOMA. March 2, 2003.
Kristin's roomie jenfaith. March 2, 2003.
Kristin. March 19, 2003.
An icky creek at Moss Beach. March 22, 2003. Kristin and Danfuzz at Moss Beach. March 22, 2003.
Sutro Tower. March 22, 2003.
Sign on fence on an alley in SOMA. March 30, 2003. My oscilloscope. April 24, 2003.
Mushrooms and a duck at Golden Gate Park. May 4, 2003.
Some toys in a shop window. May 10, 2003. Power Tool Drag Races. May 11, 2003. Ezekiel at Boogaloos. June 7, 2003. Eric's spikey silhouette at the Noisex show. June 18, 2003.
Hanging out with a pigeon on Valencia St. July 26, 2003.
Again with the pigeons. This time on 16th St. September 6, 2003.
Again with the Scrabble. Kristin won this time. September 20, 2003.
Bottles at the Corning Glass Museum. One of them was branded Lockhart, reminding Dan of his old friend John. November 26, 2003. The sign in front of the Sean Kelly gallery in NYC, taken because Danfuzz and Kristin were there and Kristin has an old friend with the same name. November 29, 2003.
Kristin and Dan at the World Trade Center. November 29, 2003.
At the Public (schmancy restaurant at the corner of 11th St. and Folsom in SF). A self-portrait of Dan and Kristin's shots of an intriguing light fixture. December 2, 2003.
Kristin took this one of Danfuzz lounging around at ultra-high-end furniture store Limn. December 6, 2003.