Pictures of Dan: Etc.

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Will (Slack) took this one of Danfuzz, with his spiffy Russian automatic-exposure-time camera. At Walzwerk, March, 2002. ...And then Danfuzz took this one of Will, with (left to right) Jan and Gina in the background.
(left to right) Gina and Danfuzz, in some sort of impromptu vampire story play, taken by Winnie. March, 2002.
At a party at Smarty's, August, 2002. And more of the same, moments later.
At the EFF benefit at the DNA Lounge. Danfuzz maybe spotted standing at the table in the corner. Taken by Hepkitten, August 22, 2002. Another one. BTW, what's happening in the foreground is that Wil Wheaton is boxing Barney. A closeup, this one taken by Smarty.
(left to right) Danfuzz and Bez, the former of whom is doing the Dr. Strangelove thing, at Winnie's place (she put yummies in our tummies), and taken by Winnie. September 8, 2002.
Danfuzz, taken by Brent at Jeremy's birthday party. December 17, 2002.