Pictures of Dan: Sidekick II Launch Party

My "hiplog" of the Sidekick II launch party, snarfed from the hiplog site and reformatted to be more in keeping with my personal aesthetics, and edited to elide the technical glitches.

Paparazzo for a day

2004-08-04 11:38am

I think it's official that the SK2 is launching today, and I'm one of four lucky Danger employees who won tickets to tonight's launch party in LA. As I write this, I am waiting for my flight at the Oakland airport, listening to an awful muzak version of "Revolution" by the Beatles. A relatively small price to pay, in the scheme of things.

For some reason, I volunteered to blog the event. Don't ask me why... I'm a computer programmer -- not a journalist or a photographer -- and I generally avoid any semblance of drawing attention to myself in public. So, who knows how this will turn out.

Wall Bunny!

2004-08-04 3:56pm

I have been provided a room at a local farm-themed hotel. The front desk staff wears overalls. The bed is covered with a denim blanket. On the wall is a framed picture of a bunny, and on the desk is one of a pig. They're both actually just inkjet printouts, but I only think that adds to the charm. It's sort of like that bit at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey where what's-his-muffin finds himself in a little apartment with all sorts of amenities that aren't quite right. At least the little wrapped caramels on the desk appear to be the real mccoy and not some strange gooey blue substance.


2004-08-04 8:36pm

I found my way to the top floor of the parking garage, the venue for tonight's festivities. I guess it's "edgier" than a swank hotel or something. Good thing I'm wearing my trusty jacket.


2004-08-04 8:51pm

It's 20 minutes before official party time and already there's a crowd milling about. I guess it's probably de rigeur for an event like this.

Made it in

2004-08-04 9:35pm

I made it in, but I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell that I'll be able to take decent photos in the designated area; all the pros have staked out the territory.


2004-08-04 9:40pm

Well, maybe I spoke too soon. That's Frankie Muñiz (Malcolm in the Middle, did I get that right?) soaking up the attention.

Cut off!

2004-08-04 10:52pm

Request from Danger marketing notwithstanding, apparently without a "media credential" I am not allowed to be in the paparazzi area, at least not according to the crack security staff, and I'm probably not really supposed to take pictures at all. Maybe I'll still try to sneak a couple.


2004-08-04 10:00pm

Long-time Sidekick fan Tony Hawk. He sent a video postcard to our CEO at one point to explain the term "half pipe."

She of the jewel-studded SK

2004-08-04 10:25pm

Lindsay Lohan. I think Danger had one of the new ones encrusted for her.

"Sorry I'm not doing interviews."

2004-08-04 10:20pm

Spoken by Paris Hilton as she brushed past me.

Bob's your uncle

2004-08-05 5:17pm

Just finished a little cleanup and editing. To the five or so people reading this blog, I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the world of swanky Hollywood party life.

In case anyone's still paying attention...

2004-08-06 12:46pm