Pictures of Dan: Etc.

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(left to right) Glen, me, and Ashley at Rusty's secret agent party, taken by ert. March, 2001.
Disassembling a monitor for a kiosk-to-be at the DNA Lounge, taken by Jonathan. July, 2001. Me with the first kiosk we put together, taken by Jonathan. July, 2001.
(left to right) Alex's purple leopard elbow, Leah, Marya, a very happy Vance, and me, at the annual Friends & Family summer retreat, taken by Bernd. August 4, 2001. (left to right) Me, Lorelei, Vance, and Marya, taken by Bernd. August 5, 2001.
(left to right) Me and Hep, who took the picture. November 15, 2001. (left to right) My fingers and Quincy, taken by Hep. November 15, 2001.
(left to right) Ann, NumaDan, me, Gina, and Charlotte, at the Tonga Room for a big Virgo collective birthday party. September 22, 2001.