Dan Bornstein

(a.k.a. Danfuzz, for mysterious reasons)

My Book About Me

(Remember, it's not a home page unless you have something extremely self-centered on it!)

I started my career as one of the original employees at Kaleida Labs (may she R.I.P.), makers of ScriptX (a pretty cool multimedia programming system, which later morphed into a net-centric Java thingy before finally dying). More recently, I was at Electric Communities (aka Communities.com, may she R.I.P.) for about two years, working on their Java extensions known as E. In 1998, I cofounded Xigo with my brother Jeremy and my good friend Lenny. It was pretty fun and the business was a novel net-available service and web-hosted application. Unfortunately, despite very promising business opportunities, the company was unable to become self-sustaining (may she R.I.P.). I eventually landed at Danger (later acquired by Microsoft, who shut the company down, may she R.I.P.), where I worked on the Danger smartphone OS. From 2005 to 2011 I was at Google, working on the Android project, where I did some of the most personally compelling work of my career to date. For my more recent doings, see my résumé.


P.S.: I have no actual ties to the dairy industry. Really.