Nutrition and Health

We at the Wall O' Shame now present for you a bit of shameful history. These images are excerpts from Nutrition and Health: With Twenty Suggested Lessons for Nutrition Classes, published in 1924 by the Borden Company. In case you were wondering, there's an entire lesson plan devoted to Eagle Brand products. Mmmm mmmm good.

Title Page
Condensed Milk (pages 25-29)
General Hygiene (page 33)
Bessie and Mary: Which one am I like? (page 34)
Eagle Brand (page 39)
Cereal For Breakfast (page 40)
Fruit Basket (page 44)
Figure Eight Exercise (page 46)
The Vegetable Game (page 48)
I Sleep Ten Hours Every Night (page 50)
Dried Fruit Man (page 52)
Brushing The Teeth (page 56)
Tea & Coffee Honor Roll (page 58)
A Supper That Will Make Me Grow (page 64)
The Cemetery (page 66)
Sample Diploma (page 70)
Scientific References (page 79)

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