Fruit Basket

From Nutrition and Health, The Borden Company: 1924; page 44.


How to play the game called ``Fruit Basket''

Each child is given the name of some fruit, such as apple, pear, peach, grapes, apricot, etc. The children are seated in chairs arranged in the form of a circle. One child remains standing in the center with no chair to sit in. This child, for example, might be called ``Apple.'' He would call `` `Pear' and `Apricot' change.'' Immediately the two children who have been given the names of these two fruits change chairs, only to be intercepted by the child bearing the name ``Apple.'' if he is quicker than the other children. This is kep up until every child's name has been called. Occasionally, for a change, the child in the center of the ring calls ``Fruit Basket turns over.'' At this signal every child has to change places and there results a mad scramble. This game gives the children a chance to become familiar with the fruits which they should know.

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