I Went To The Eye Doctor And All I Got Was This Lousy Photo


Well, actually, I did get a little more than that--a new prescription for eyeglasses that I didn't really need becuase the only thing wrong with my old prescription was that it was out-of-date, and no amount of arguing with the ``eyeglass technician'' would convince her that it was okay to make me a replacement lens with my old prescription, nooooo. Federal regulations, you see: if they gave me a new lens with my old prescription and I went out and got into a car wreck I could sue them or something like that. So for $65 or so, I got to go to the eye doctor and get a new prescription which was pretty close to my original one (I can barely tell the difference). But there's a light at the end of the tunnel--the lab assistant type who took polaroids of my retinas fucked up on my right eye and ended up taking the lovely image you should see somewhere on this page (browser willing). Found art I say!

Or, it could be a subtle conspiracy to get images of eyebrows for some new artificial intelligence eyebrow surveillance system.