Permanent Guest

by Raoul V. Mowatt, Mercury News Staff Writer
from the San Jose Mercury News
Friday, February 18, 1994

Human head found in pot raid

Used to liven up parties, police say

For a Berkeley man, those novelty shrunken heads just aren't enough. He made a real human head the life of many a party, police said Thursday.

During a marijuana raid at the man's house, officers said, they found a mummified head in a box marked ``Eight-Piece Party Cook Kit.'' Wrapped in a white lab smock, the head--which belonged to a woman and had been the subject of an autopsy--often came out during good times, police said.

Officers confiscated a stack of about 20 photos with people in all sorts of poses with the head, Lt. Michel de Latour said. Sitting with the head. Feigning horror and surprise at its discovery. Eating dinner with the head on the table.

``It was just a curiosity piece, it looks like to me,'' de Latour said. ``They obviously enjoyed posing with the head, judging from the pictures they took.''


[The head's] blond hair and eyebrows are still visible, but its brain had been removed. The owner, 51-year-old Donald R. Donohue, told officers it was 20 years old and that he got it from a student at a now-defunct medical school in Lawrence, Kan.

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