Koch Is It

Brattleboro, Vt, December 31, 1993--AP

Frederick Koch lost count of the number of times he heard his name pronounced ``cotch,'' like the former mayor of New York. It was properly pronounced ``coke.''

He went to court in November and changed his entire name to Coke-Is-It. Now the Coca-Cola Company has gone to court to get Mr. Coke-Is-It to stop using the company's advertising trademark as his name. Court records list him as It, Coke-Is (AKA Fred Koch).

In December Coca-Cola filed an appeal of the judgement granting the name change in Windham County Superior Court. A lawyer in Burlington who is representing the company was seeking to prevent Mr. Coke-Is-It from using the name until the appeal is heard.

That could take a year, a court spokesman said.

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