Little Gray Men

From: (Richard Mallinson)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy, alt.alien.visitors, sci.math,
Subject: The Grays' involvement in cryptography and national security
Date: 25 Jan 1994 07:05:10 GMT
Summary: How the NSA has got help from extraterrtestrials

One thing that the NSA will not reveal is the magnitude of their advancement in theoretical mathematics and cryptography. It is estimated that the NSA is about 200 years ahead of the rest of the world in mathematical theory. This not only allows them to break any code devised outside of the NSA, but to devise codes which cannot be broken.

A tiny part of this advancement is due to an intensive mathematics research program commenced in the 1960s. Fermat's Last Theorem was proven conclusively in 1964, but only those in the NSA know of it. Some 2,000 theorems and lemmas, all numbered and classified, have arisen. At least a dozen branches of theoretical mathematics such as flag theory, superspace theory, interstice theory, match theory and quantum logic have been developed, and yet not only has the outside world never heard of them, but the NSA has been deliberately inserting disinformation into textbooks, research papers, et cetera to keep everybody else off the trail.

Most of this advancement has been achieved with outside help. In 1973, during the Nixon Administration, the NSA hooked up fith the Jason Society, the top-secret body that liaises with the extraterrestrial beings known as the Grays. This gave them an immediate infusion of mathematical theory, as the grays have developed mathematics to a level which we cannot completely comprehend. In return, the grays were given two more bases in New Mexico and a 15% increase in the number of people that they may abduct per year for analysis and extraction of vital fluids.

The Grays have renegged on their abduction quota agreement, and are abducting many more people than before. Most of these are returned, after being implanted with a device which allows the grays to have total control over their thoughts and actions. Approximately 40% of Americans now carry one of these devices, which are impossible to remove without killing the host.

Richard E. Mallinson

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