Appropriate Use of Gorecki's Third

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I put on Gorecki's third last night, and it was perfect. That is, it fit the circumstances perfectly. My mood was for something both reflective of a near suicidal mood and yet not requiring any intellectual involvement.

You see, waiting in my mailbox like a little present from a faceless bureaucrat, was a dreaded notice from the much maligned Internal Revenue Service. Having had (far, far too) many dealings with the beloved Service and thus being somewhat familiar with the experience of receiving such correspondence, I was, perhaps, not filled with quite as much fear and loathing as less graced men.

That was my first mistake. When I opened the letter, and looked at the bottom line, that was my second. I was first shocked, then amused, and finally annoyed and depressed. You see, the IRS apparently believes that I should do slightly more than my fair share in reducing the national debt. Accordingly, the notice indicates that I currently owe slightly in excess of 68 billion dollars ($68,037,394,206.32 to be exact). I kid you not.

I am now indeed singing a symphony of sorrowful songs. Hey, buddy, can ya spare a dime?

Dave ``The Destitute''

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