90% Body Odor

posted on a CompuServe vendor forum

This is verbatim a message from one of the CompuServe vendor forums, except the (Japanese) name of the poster, which has been mercifully exxed out.

    07-Sep-93 05:43:16
Fm: Xxxxxxxx Xxxx [XXXXXX,XXXX]
To: All

  Thank you for reading my message at August, 25.
  I wonder whether I have chosen a wrong forum.
  We are discussing the body odor of under arms in the
NIFTY-SERVE, Japan and other places.
  Some Americans, who met me, have returned to the United
States. They didn't have to be angry, did they?

  Some Japanese doctors often say in the Jpanese television.
"90 percent of the westerner has the body odor of under
arms. However, there is no person who has only 10-percent of
the Japanese body odor."
  This is a very unpleasant problem for the Japanese who has
the body odor of under arms.
  Especially, it is a serious problem in young women.
  My sons have to become the persons who look like Steven
Seagal or Dolph Lundgren.

  I must be going actually.
  Thank you.

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