Subject: Rancher joke
From: (Erik Lode)
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 92 4:30:4 EST

A rancher buys a champion bull to ``service'' his cows. However, when he brings it back to the ranch, the bull is listless and doesn't perform its intended duties. The rancher calls the vet, who comes to examine the prize bull. Afterwards the vet gives the rancher a bottle of stuff and tells him to give the bull one spoonful per day.

The next day the rancher gives the bull a spoonful. A few minutes later the bull gets up and energetically ``services'' all of the cows. The day after that, the rancher gives the bull a spoonful, and the bull again furiously services all the cows.

The third day the rancher has a friend over, and the friend watches as the bull receives a spoonful of the stuff and its effect.

``What's in that stuff?'' the friend asks.

``I don't know,'' replied the rancher,`` but it tastes like wintergreen.''

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