Kaleida Labs, Inc.

Bagels in the Workplace Policy

Date Issued: March 17, 1993


Kaleida is dedicated to maintaing a safe environment for its employees while conveying a proper image of acceptable business behavior externally. The workplace should enrich employees, and provide an enjoyable atomsphere on a daily basis. Based on this premise, Kaleida is recommending that the following guidelines with respect to the use of bagels be implemented and followed.


This policy is applicable to all Kaleida staff, including standard employees, limited duration employees, temporary employees, independent contractors and consultants. Any employee that violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action and/or termination of employment, depending on the degree of violation. Consuming bagels during business and social engagements is a personal decision that should be based on common sense and the existing circumstances.

At times, Kaleida employees may be required to visit customers, clients and vendors at other locations. These contacts might have their own policies regarding drugs, bagels and/or searches. Kaleida employees are expected to comply with these policies as is appropriate to the situation, and be able to maintain high-level performance of their job. Failure to adhere to these practices may result in disciplinary action, and/or termination of employment.

Kaleida Events

Kaleida recognizes the benefit of social gatherings and celebrations which sometimes include the opportunity to consume bagels. These events might be bagel socials, conferences, meetings, dinners and parties on and off-site. The focus of these events should not be bagels, although it may be provided for those who choose to participate in consuming responsibly.

Managers of the department sponsoring the event or a senior executive should decide whether or not it would be approriate to serve bagels. All Kaleida events that elect to serve bagels should have a designated host who is of manager level or above.

Responsibilities of the Designated Host

Responsibilities of Managers

Managers are responsible for understanding and implementing this policy. It is essential that managers take responsibilty for informing Kaleida employees of the existing policies on events that include the consumption of bagels. Successful events will be characterized by your participation in the following ways: