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The Hourly Kitten Twitter account, @hourlykitten, aims to provide you with one properly attributed, Creative Commons licensed, and mind-numbingly adorable kitten image, once an hour, on the hour.

Hourly Kitten was created by Dan and Jeremy Bornstein — Dan's idea, Jeremy's code, Dan's kitten curation — over the course of a few days in May and June of 2014.

The impetus for the account was that Dan's previous favorite Twitter source of kittens started posting way too many commercial links. Dan likes kittens, and particularly found that he likes using pictures of kittens as a way to punctuate his Twitter feed (helping him not lose his place when trying to consume his feed in toto). So, he wanted to have a better source of kittens, with a reasonably memorable (and stately) pace. Hence, @hourlykitten!

Kitten curation is an ongoing activity. It takes approximately one minute (amortized) to pick, acquire, and properly document each image. So, in order to have a full year's worth of un-repeated images (24 * 365 = 8,760 images), it would take about 146 hours. That's equivalent to a full-time job (of 40 hours per week) for about a month. Suffice it to say that there are many fewer images in the kittenbase than that; however, we aspire to keep up with the curation such that you won't get tired of the selection, and that you will always have at least a few new images to look forward to seeing every day.


Do you have (access to) a cute kitten who needs more exposure on Twitter? If so, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Take pictures of the little scamp.
  2. Upload them to any well-known image hosting site which provides clear authorship attribution of images. For example, Flickr is a good choice. As a counterexample, Imgur is a bad choice because they don't provide solid authorship attribution.
  3. Mark the pictures as being licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows sharing and commercial use. (Why commercial? Because we're being conservative in what we accept. We do not intend to "monetize" Hourly Kitten.) The CC BY 4.0 license works, for example.
  4. Send mail to hourlykitten@gmail.com, with the subject line "Submission," and include a link to your pictures.

Hourly Kitten is strictly an off-hours project, so it may take a while for your pictures to get included. Dan looks at each picture, and he may not accept yours. (Sorry.)

Beyond licensing, here are the basic criteria:

Thanks in advance for your submissions!