DJ Danfuzz: Walking Without Thinking (short set)

This set was created in August 2001 for play on SomaFM's Drone Zone.

Artist Album (Year)
  length:  m:ss
  overlap: m:ss
  label:   name
  rights:  organization

Electron Gate
Zoviet France The Decriminalisation of Country Music (2000)
  length:  9:59
  overlap: n/a
  label:   Tramway
  rights:  unstated

SUB V part 1
Gert-Jan Prins Noise Capture (1998)
  length:  5:03
  overlap: 3:30
  label:   X-OR
  rights:  unstated

Experimental Audio Research Vibrations E.P. (2000)
  length:  9:17
  overlap: 1:00
  label:   Rocket Girl
  rights:  unstated

Maps of Impossible Worlds
Death Cube K Dreamatorium (1994)
  length:  7:15
  overlap: 5:30
  label:   Strata
  rights:  unstated

Present Time Exercises
William S. Burroughs Break Through in Grey Room (1994)
  length:  2:18
  overlap: 1:00
  label:   Aural Documents / Sub Rosa
  rights:  unstated

Track 3
Pan Sonic 05/10/995 (Live In London) (1995)
  length:  5:37
  overlap: 0:45
  label:   Jenny Divers (UK)
  rights:  unstated

DJ Danfuzz. Copyright © 2001 Dan Bornstein, all rights reserved.