DJ Danfuzz: Drone Zone 2002-05-14

This hour (and a bit) set was played live on SomaFM's Drone Zone on May 14, 2002.

Approximate order: Some selections were layered and continuously mixed.

Artist Album Selection
Orchestra Terrestrial Orchestra Terrestrial Abends
Bill Laswell and Terre Thaemlitz Web Open URL
D84 Pirate Planets Earth - bony continents
P. Hendricks Assortment Of Rounds Starred & Strawed
William S. Burroughs Break Through In Grey Room Working With The Popular Forces
Lustmord The Monstrous Soul The Daathian Doorway
Pita InvalidObject Series (break) (break) 04
Monitor Feedbackloop - Power Noise Compilation (Various Artists) Closedloop
Rhythm & Sound Rhythm & Sound Outward
The Conet Project Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations Spanish Lady: 00000 ending

DJ Danfuzz. Copyright © 2002 Dan Bornstein, all rights reserved.