The MILK Kodebase: The Statement

I've long been a fan of open source software, from back when it was still called "free software" and rms and the GNU organization were about all there were in terms of "organized" efforts around the concept. Every so often, I'd think about doing some volunteer work for GNU, but that never materialized, unless you count posting/mailing an occasional bug report.

However, all the while, I've been writing little utilities for myself and sometimes for friends (and even relatives), which I've always happily given away. Fast forward to 1999. I'd been running a vanity domain for several years, but, for some reason, it never until then occurred to me that my personal source code repository was worth putting up on the site. It's not that I had a lot that's really of product quality to release to the teeming masses, but still I figured that there's something of use to someone in the mess.

I never felt totally comfortable with the GPL/LGPL because of the administrative burden it seems to imply (that is, I don't really want your patches per se, so don't send them to me) and, closet socialist though I may be, the political view that it brow-beatingly espouses. I'm very glad that some foresighted folks at Netscape came along and nailed out the MPL, which I am fairly happy with. The Milk Kodebase Public License is based on it (via one level of indirection).

Anyway, long story short, the code contained here has been open source in spirit since day one, and now it's officially so. I'm not much of a web designer, but I do like my code. I hope you like it too.

Dan Bornstein
March 16, 1999