The MILK Kodebase: FuzzSavers

FuzzSavers is a (small) set of screensavers that work with XScreenSaver (and uses its utilities).

A recent version of the included README file:

This distribution contains screensavers meant to be used with the
XScreenSaver utilities. To use these, it is suggested that you download
the latest xscreensaver from <> and copy
the files in this archive into the hacks subdirectory. A minor bit of
makefile tweakage, and you should be on your way. If you try to do this
and run into trouble, drop me an email to let me know.

Note that there is a good chance that the latest versions of these are
already included in XScreenSaver.

nerverot 1.2: Induce edginess in the viewer.
petri 2.7: Simulate mold growing in a petri dish.

Dan Bornstein