Dalvik Docs Mirror

Dalvik (Wikipedia) is the name for the virtual machine and core class library used for application programming on the Android platform.

I (Danfuzz) noticed that, as of around mid-2010, people have been regularly pointing to one or two non-Android sites when referring to the Dalvik specification. With no offense intended to the authors of the retrodev document or the dalvikvm.com document, they are incomplete and out-of-date. (I don't feel bad saying this, because I informed these guys quite a while ago.)

The most up-to-date reference is always going to be the git repository, but it suffers from the fact that the style sheets and cross-references don't work when browsed directly.

Therefore, I'm publishing a snapshot of the docs here. Hopefully you will find this convenient and useful. The current snapshot was taken from the Gingerbread source repository on 18-Feb-2011.

Find the documentation directory here!

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