The MILK Kodebase

The MILK Kodebase is a repository for open source software, generally made by Dan Bornstein during his recreational computing time, though it is not particularly well-maintained for the most part. All software in the MILK Kodebase is released as open source, much of it under the MILK Kodebase Public License. It is also where Dan's technical writings end up.

Dan doesn't have a lot of time to make this a really beautiful site. He apologizes profusely and hopes that you will understand that he is more concerned with getting code to you than spackling the portico. Feel free to read a brief statement (in first person even!) about his motivation.

Software Products

FuzzFonts. This is a (small) set of fonts.

FuzzSavers. This is a (small) set of screensavers that work with xscreensaver (and uses its utilities).

Historical Stuff. This is just a compendium of old source code I have had lying around and have been using for ages for various projects.

IPForward. This is a little Java utility that does a bit of what netcat (aka nc) does.

Plastic. Plastic is a modular audio synthesis engine.

Source Shake. Source Shake is a Java source code treeshaker.

Stuplates. Stuplates is a template and scripting based file building / manipulation too.

TinyWeb. TinyWeb is a small web server to embed in Java applications.

UberChat. UberChat is a text chat client system.

Technical Writing

Antlr Adder Tutorial. This is a tutorial about adding some useful functions to an ANTLR-based parser.

Dalvik Documentation Mirror. This is an occasionally-updated mirror of the documentation directory for the Dalvik project, which is part of the Android Open Source Project.